I posted two great articles today, both dealing with gun rights: my take on SAF’s Gun Rights Surveyhttps://perrinlovett.wordpress.com/2013/03/21/gun-rights-survey/, and Natural Origins of Self-Defense, https://perrinlovett.wordpress.com/2013/03/21/natural-origins-of-self-defense/.  The second is the initial installment in a series which will cover in-depth the ultimate origins of the Second Amendment and its purpose for us today.  Have a look if you have not already.

The idea for the survey post came to me while I was reading the questions off my morning email list.  It sort of wrote itself.  The series occurred to me during the Second Amendment forum I was in yesterday afternoon – many myths need to be put to rest. 

There’s something like 45 drafts in the hopper on various subjects – I’ll try to put one out tomorrow.  Maybe something gun-less.  As usual, I’m looking for site improvements too.  And now…

The news:

A crazy winter has given way to a crazy spring.  Georgia is alternating hot and cold, with plenty of sunshine, rain, and POLLEN.  I hope it subsides soon, at least by Easter or Masters time.  Yello duff mabe por bab neathing…

I am happy to hear that Homeland SS Reichsfuhrer Janet “Himmler” Napolitano will soon be reading this blog!  She will also be reading everything else….everything.  Careful what you say.  She’s the 1.5 Billion bullet “woman.”  PS: from the other day, she ain’t telling Congress nothin.

SPECIAL, EXCLUSIVE ALERT!!! Senator Dianne Feinstink, having lost her recent bid to disarm America, has announced her immediate retirement.  “I’m too big of a loser even for Washington.” the old hag croaked…  Okay, Perrin dreams – it is getting close to bedtime. 


(BEAUTY[ful guns] and the BEAST[ly hag].  My apologies if you just ate.  Drudge Report.)

Until next time…