Earlier today I posted Don’t Drone Me, Bro!, a hybrid news/column piece concerning drones, bankers, and a bird (not all together…).  If you didn’t catch it today, click here: https://perrinlovett.wordpress.com/2013/03/07/dont-drone-me-bro/.

I’ve got some new stuff in the hopper – on the Constitution, some historical figures, more zany laws, and my endearing personal stories.  Look for one or more this weekend.

The news:

Rand Paul is having a war of words with John McInsane (RINO – AZ) and Lindsey Grahamnesty (RINO – SC).  The dull duo attacked Paul for his audacity at defending the Constitution and the lives and freedom of the American people.  Paul fired back at the fearful, war-mongers, “They think the whole world is a battlefield, including America.”  Read more: http://thehill.com/video/senate/286881-paul-blasts-back-at-mccain-graham#ixzz2Mu7ubpjK.  

In other news, the people of Kenya are officially smarter than Amerikans.  President Sotoro’s brother (the Obama who stayed in Kenya) lost his bid for the governorship of Siaya.  Then again, the Kenyans have had over four years to review “hope and change” and they don’t have to filter the BS from our “news” programs.  Word has it yet another Bush is preparing to run for the Whitehouse.  2016 will be a grand opportunity for Amerikans and especially RepubliCONS to demonstrate their stupidity.

Check back tomorrow for more and better stuff.  As usual I am always trying to improve the site.