I am blown away by the attention this site is getting.  Do you people really read these long-winded posts???  I hope so.

Here’s what I’ve been doing while posting, working, fathering, etc.:

I’m smoking another gigantic cigar, the Grand Habano, Grand Reserve, #5, 2010, Grandioso.  It’s a 7×70 (huge) beast of a Nicaraguan cigar!  The best stuff comes from Nicaragua now, not Cuba.  I have a host of friends on their way there tonight, they’re (used en all in one sentence!) guests once again of Nick Perdomo, master of Esteli! 

Here’s the cigar:


A grand cigar deserves a grand drink.  Tonight it’s Duck-Rabbit’s Brown Ale (and others).  The Duck-Rabbit:


I do all of this to make your blog-time happy. Cheers!

PPS:  A serious note.  I’ve been getting a great deal of feedback about the site here and on my email and FB.  I try to respond to all of them.  If you have a question or comment you want addressed, add it as a comment to the particular article here.  That will make it easier for me to answer.  Cheers!