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The US, UK, and France bombed Syria overnight.

Someone said there was proof of a gas attack there. Don’t look forward to ever seeing it. There may have been an attack. The boy may have seen a real wolf. And it may have been carried out by Assad. And that might have been our problem if it hadn’t possibly, maybe, kinda, sorta happened over there. A Syrian attack against New York or Tennessee would be a different thing entirely.

As is, Damascus is some 5,900 miles away from Washington. Whatever happens there, it should not be our problem. The Trump used to think and say as much.


The Trump/Twitter.

Seems it is now…

An optimistic note: These actions will hopefully not lead to full-blown nuclear war. More likely, they are semi-calculated pin pricks just to let the world know how tough America is. Tough looks a lot like stupid. Rumor has it that high level talks are already underway between Russia, the West, and the rest of the meddlers to avert major disaster.

Developing…and poorly…