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The other day, following the truck attack in Stockholm, I quipped that Muslims were already offended about backlash from tomorrow’s attack. And tomorrow’s attack hit Cairo during Palm Sunday services at a Coptic church. Forty-three Christians were murdered.

An ISIS suicide bomber detonated outside an Egyptian church after being stopped from entering by three hero policemen in a double Palm Sunday massacre that killed 43 Christians.

CCTV shows the fanatic, dressed in a blue pullover, being turned away from the main gate at St Mark’s in Alexandria and being told to go through the metal detector.

He then passes a female police officer chatting to another woman, and enters a metal detector before an explosion engulfs the area.

The attack, which followed another devastating attack in Tanta, was thought to have been aimed at Pope Tawadros II, leader of the ancient Coptic church, who was worshipping in St Mark’s at the time.

The religion of pieces…


EPA /Daily Mail.

Coptic Christians are maybe 10% of Egypt’s total population. Is that a little concern about minority rights I hear? Of course not. The homoglobos could care less, perhaps even being happy about the carnage as it fuels their scheme to destabilize the Middle East and coerce the West into a strange murder/suicide.

And red-bloodied, beer-bellied Americans don’t care. They don’t know where Egypt is or that there are any Christians in the country. It’s just another bunch of Muslims we outta nuke.

Historically, the Middle East has sustained long periods of inter-religious peace and coexistence, punctuated with short, extreme bouts of persecution. Outside influence (that means “your” government) currently seeks to maintain the current turmoil. Sad.

The target in Cairo was the Coptic Pope, who was present for services. In Sweden, site of the latest mass truck carnage and nightly general chaos, the target was white Swedish children.

A suspected terrorist targeted young children as he drove a hijacked lorry into a crowded shopping street in Stockholm, witnesses claimed last night.

Infants’ buggies were sent “flying through the air”, one Swedish broadcaster reported, as the vehicle zigzagged along the pedestrianised Queen Street shopping district and embedded itself in the window of a department store.

“It swerved from side to side. It didn’t look out of control, it was trying to hit people,” a second witness, Glen Foran, an Australian tourist, told Reuters. “It hit people, it was terrible. It hit a pram with a kid in it, demolished it.”

Of course, as ALWAYS, the primary attacker was well known to the police.

I found, then lost, some amazing comments from Stockholm locals. And I mean AMAZING. Despite a few years of open war in their streets and their children being targeted from massacre, many (most?) Swedes still openly deny reality. (This seems to be a universal Western condition).

The gist is this, and I lump and paraphrase: “It would be nice if our wonderful immigrant guests would reach out to us a little more. These attacks almost make us think they might not like us. I guess more needs to be done, more needs to be given. Poor, poor, confused refugees…”

Maybe, as twisted as his actions were, Anders Breivik was on to something. Maybe more needs to be done – to protect the locals from the invaders.

There is a mild debate, where legal and not presumed “racist”:

“You have one (side) saying ‘This is enough, we can’t have this. We must close the borders, throw everyone out,'” said Ulf Lundgren, a clergyman at Stockholm Cathedral. “Others say, ‘You can’t get security by closing the borders.'”

Stockholm seemed to be returning to normal slowly Sunday. Flags on most public buildings, including Parliament and the Royal Palace, flew at full-staff.

“If people who are here, seeking asylum, and treat us like this, it is not good,” Stockholm resident Lars Holm, 73, said after attending a service at the cathedral. “So now we have to have more security in our society, but still we don’t like to live in bunkers. We want to have, as before, a free life and we welcome people from abroad.”

Following decades of being commanded to be open and diverse, the confused populace is torn between not wanting to be exterminated and not wanting to be seen as a bunch of mean old xenophobes.

Well, dear friends, it is one or the other. Either be free, happy and safe, or be run over and raped to death. Listen to that one carzy side: “close the borders, throw everyone out.” Now.